Educational instruction, either at an academic institution or offered by a commercial or professional organization.
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Assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties with Intimacy.
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Engage in intensive discussion and activity in order to explore aspects of the subject of Sexology and Intimacy.
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Media Events

Means of mass communication, especially television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet, regarded collectively.
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Dr. Kat Smith


As a Doctor of Human Sexuality (Sexologist), certified Loveologist and Certified by the American College of Sexologist, it is Dr. Kat’s desire to inspire others to embrace the decadence of what love and intimacy has to offer. And it’s more than sex. Although sex is a delicious part of intimacy, it encompasses many wonderful expressions of affection, trust, emotional, mental and physical sharing.

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Our parters are a significant part of our intimate lives and what we are experiencing can highly affect their lives as well. Including both in a private session to share their unique perspective opens up the possibilities to a greater outcome.
If you are outside of the Dallas area, I am happy to inform you that I offer virtual sessions using video conferencing, for face to face interaction. When an in person session is not available to you and you need to converse with me concerning a concern, please know that a telephone session is another option for your convenience.

I allow you to lead the initial visit so that we can understand the circumstances to meet your individual needs.

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Have Dr.Kat Smith Speak at your next Event

I’m available on a limited basis for speaking engagements worldwide, including presenting at conferences and holding workshops.

I’m an experienced public speaker, and my primary topics of focus are Human Sexuality, Sexology, Certified Love Coaching, and Intimacy.
If you’d like me to speak at your event, please contact me via email – you can reach me at