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Unspoken Agreements

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The vows of marriage are pre-written in the traditional ceremony, but in these changing times, what is expected of our spouses gets a bit cloudy. To have and to hold? Does that mean literally? There are many gray areas that stem from many unspoken agreements. What are unspoken agreements? They are the expectations that we

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10 Commandments of Intimacy

In marriage we vow to cherish but there is more to love, there’s intimacy. This isy take on what should be vital in an intimate relationship. Enjoy!       

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Spring into Love

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As I sit and listen to the birds happily chirping and embrace the season of spring, I wanted to capture the moment so I recorded the sweet bird songs to savor when they are away during the winter. I am grateful for they remind us that love is in the air. Click to watch the short

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The Need to Want

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Dating today is a mixed bag of challenges. Tradition tells us one thing and society encourages another. We can pick and choose how trusting we wish to be or be received in order to achieve our goals of easy sex or marriage. The goals vary from person to person but when we are truly seeking

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Pleasing the Hard to Please Woman in Bed

The female body is a work of art and if you appreciate art, then you are sure to treat it with much care. This is the attitude we suggest you take when pleasing a woman. If she is hard to please in bed, then it may be time to identify what is making it difficult

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Resolve to Have More Sex

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What better way to start off the year and to support resolutions to be more active, lose weight and live a healthier life than to have sex? What, sex? Yes, the way to a healthier you can be as simple as having more sex. Wilhelm Reich, one of our early sex researchers was first to

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What Our Client Say

“Romantic Retreats in Texas is a must for every couple who wants to maintain the chemistry they had when they first met. Kat says, "All you need is love" and I take that one step further by saying that "Love is the meaning of life." We quest for love because of its enduring quality and its ability to grow when nourished. Investing your time to each other has a priceless value on it, which is why it's so important to make quality time to create romantic memories that will last a lifetime.”


Love is All You Need

( Dr. Ava Cadell, Founder of Loveology University )

“Romantic Retreats in Texas made planning my visit to Texas so easy. After a long flight and drive I was ready to relax. With the Romantic Retreats in Texas guidebook I was able to pick the perfect place and knew exactly what to expect with no surprises. I will definitely recommend this guide to my friends and family.”


Great Guidebook

( Tamara Peyton Bell, HPPPA Founder )

“I have now had the unmitigated honor of knowing Kat for over half of my life. (The actual number is a closely held secret). She is without a doubt one of the most amazing people I know. Smart, funny, professional, sensitive, creative, tough, loving, and in case you haven't noticed, drop-dead gorgeous to boot. I have enjoyed the unique perspective over the years of having experienced, in many cases first hand, some of the realities that make up Kat's incredible life story. She is without a doubt the "real deal".


The Real Deal

( Ed Roberson, MBA, BSME, Principal, ER Squared, Inc. )

“Dr. Kat, a dynamic communicator, educates, inspires and motivates, whether as a clinician, writer and/or speaker. More importantly, Kat’s employs a heart-centered approach in all that she does.”

Dynamic Communicator

( Debbie Lewis, Dallas, TX )

“Dr. Kat is not only a person who is true to her word, she is embracing and loving in the truest sense. As I observe her interactions with others and with me, she displays authentic nurturing and generosity. I love her energy and how she shares inspiration to all she comes in contact with.”


Embracing and Loving

( Kadena TateSimon Plano, TX )

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